AVANTIA Comfort Makeup Remover AVANTIA高效能抗氧化貴氣卸妝水 (150ml)

Model: AVANTIAAV2210



AVANTIA Comfort Makeup Remover 150ml

Antioxidation makeup remover water, it shelters-with natural hyaluronic acid, extravagance makeup remover synchronize skincare. It is only functional Cleansing Water in the market. Effectively dissolve makeup, break down dirt and obstructions and balance oil secretion, unclog pores, strengthen the skin function, so that the skin itself has powerful moisturizing ability, To maintain skin supple carved must every day with crocus with natural hyaluronic acid aristocratic class makeup water, to keep the secret of youth and young skin. Retain youthful faces.

AVANTIA 高效能抗氧化貴氣卸妝水 150ml

縕含天然透明質酸,貴氣卸妝同步護膚,錫住皮膚保持青春幼嫩肌膚的秘密 !

抗氧化卸妝水,縕含天然透明質酸,貴氣卸妝同步護膚錫住皮膚,市面唯一功能性卸妝水。有效溶解妝容,分解污垢及阻塞物並能平衡油脂分泌,暢通毛孔, 能強化角質功能,使肌膚自身具有強效保濕能力,要維持肌膚水嫩剔透必須要每天用縕含天然透明質酸貴族級卸妝水,保持青春幼嫩的肌膚秘密。回復青春童顏再現。